What do brands and religions have in common? They both strive to be authentic, build relationships, seek loyalty and lifelong relationships with customers. Religions create devotion and in a sense, brands try to do the same thing. [click to continue…]


Who Are You Hiring?

by Adrianne on August 23, 2010

My husband has been interviewing for a job in Santa Barbara, CA and we have been on pins and needles waiting to hear something. This whole process got me thinking about why it is that companies hire who they hire. [click to continue…]


Winemakers Come To You

August 19, 2010

French winemakers have launched a new concept, Vignerons a la Maison, whereby they bring their wines into your come and conduct a tasting. Due to the slowed economy, winemakers have had trouble bringing customers to their estates or to trade fairs. Instead of giving up, they have decided to bring their wine to customers.

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Wine Labels On Bottle Design

August 16, 2010

With the infinite amount of wine on the shelves in supermarkets and wine stores, it’s obvious there is confusion and twice as obvious is the fact that the label on the wine bottle needs to be as descriptive as possible in order to eliminate confusion, tell a story, create a connection with a consumer, and [...]

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Outside Lands Festival, Wine, and Millenials

August 13, 2010

Just a quick post today about a great event happening this weekend – Outside Lands Festival – in San Francisco.  If you’re anywhere near you should try to attend. There’s great music, food, wine, people and atmosphere. Here’s a write up I did on it last year, on another blog I write, which will give [...]

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The Age of Transparency

August 10, 2010

Whether you like it or not, transparency in business is here and it’s not going away any time soon. Instead of shying away from it, you should embrace it. Transparency is about being honest, open, accountable and responsible. It’s about making your business more personal. Customers are looking to make a connection with your brand [...]

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The Golden Rule

August 7, 2010

It’s quite simple; the concepts need to successfully operated a winery, restaurant, retail shop, or any other business, are based on simple principles. This is what I’m talkin’ about – from V. Sattui Winery -  “What hasn’t changed, he insists, is his golden rule of customer service. ‘It’s how you treat people,’ he says. ‘Treat [...]

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Marketing That Works for One Retail Shop

August 6, 2010

Busa Wine is a retail shop that finds success with email marketing and online marketing tools. Check out the video to see where they see success.

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Nat Decants Wine & Food Mobile App Goes Green

August 4, 2010

Guest article by Natalie MacLean Top 10 Wines for Green Veggies New York, July 26, 2010 – Which wines go best with “green food”, such as asparagus, peppers and peas? How about other fresh vegetables that we’ll enjoy this summer and fall?”

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CellarTracker BETA

August 3, 2010

I think we all know how helpful online wine communities and social networks can be. They usually offer a place to keep track of the wines you’ve tasted, share your tasting notes with others and explore wines others have tried. While there are quite a few out there, CellarTracker is one of the first ones [...]

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